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An attractive lawn makes a wonderful setting for a home, and adds beauty to the area. Lawns reduce dust, heat and glare; they clean the air; and they also diminish noise, help prevent erosion and surface runoff, and provide good play spaces. Another benefit of an attractive lawn is that it can contribute to positive mental health: studies have shown that the presence of turf grass and other plant life in our environments can have a calming effect on humans.

Unfortunately, over time your lawn can be damaged by a variety of insects, frost, wear and tear from people and animals. If these areas are not properly repaired your lawn can suffer permanent damage or even complete lose of your lawn. These problems usually make your lawn unattractive and does not add to the beauty of your home.

Travis Resmondo Sod offers a resodding service. Our trained sod installation crews will treat and remove your damaged or diseased lawn. Once all the dead lawn has been removed and hauled off we will lay a quality fresh cut turf grass of your choice. This is the perfect opportunity to explore the different types of turf that are available. We grow a variety of grass used for different applications. High traffic areas, chinch bug resistant, low water needs, there is a turf grass for your needs.

We invite you to explore any of these varieties to find the one that is best for you and your lawn. We have been growing and installing quality turf grasses for many years. Please do not hesitate to ask for help choosing the proper turf grass

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